The termly fees for the academic year commencing 3 September 2018 are:

Pre-Prep (ages 4 to 7+) £5,000
Prep School (ages 8 to 12+) £5,737
Seniors (ages 13 to 15+) £6,630
Sixth Form £7,680

Lunch is charged separately and currently costs:

  • £355 per term for the Pre-Prep (4 to 7 years old)
  • £440 per term for the Prep (8 to 12 years old)
  • £475 per term for the Seniors and Sixth Form (13 to 18/19 years old)

Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance and School Fees Protection Insurance costs:

  • Personal Accident Insurance £4.00 per term for all pupils
  • School Fees Protection Insurance Pre-Prep (ages 4 to 7+) £28.00 per term
  • School Fees Protection Insurance Prep (ages 8 to 12+) £33.00 per term
  • School Fees Protection Insurance Seniors (ages 13 to 15+) £39.00 per term
  • School Fees Protection Insurance Sixth Form £44.00 per term

Terms and conditions pertaining to fee refunds can be found in our Fees Refund Scheme and Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.   

Other costs:

One-to-one Learning Support lessons will be charged at £48 per lesson.

Exercise books, files and folders are included in the fees. Occasional charges may be made for special items. External visits and trips are charged as necessary, but costs are kept to a minimum. Private music and other such lessons are arranged directly between parents and visiting music teachers.

Registration Fee and Deposit

A non-refundable registration fee of £150 (£250 for overseas applications) is charged to cover the basic cost of interviews and administering the entrance examinations.

When the offer of a firm place is accepted, a deposit of £2,000 is payable. This is refunded when the pupil leaves the School on one term's notice.

Fees are due by the first day of each term. A full term's notice in writing is required to withdraw a pupil. Lesser notice entails the payment of the term fees in full. The School reserves the right to apply increases from time to time.