The curriculum in Harrodian Pre-Prep develops and responds to children’s needs and abilities as they grow up through the school from their early steps in Reception through PP1 and 2 to PP3 when they will be readying themselves for the challenges of Prep School.

Most of our pupils join the school in Reception which marks the last year of Early Years Foundation, the teaching stage that prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1 (and is consistent with both the National and Harrodian Curricula).

In Reception, children new to school deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each other.  Our curriculum for this first year covers seven areas outlined in the Reception section below, as well as French, Music and Computing.

Reception provides the foundation for a smooth transition into the KS1 teaching that children encounter when they join PP1 at the start of their second year. Each class teacher takes his or her class for subject specific lessons in Numeracy, Literacy, Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology, Religious Education and Citizenship/ PSHE. Subject specialists provide the teaching in Music, French, Computing and Sports.

For details on the Reception curriculum and subjects covered in PP1-3 please follow the links below. For more specific information about these subjects and for curriculum details by year group and term, please follow the links below:

Reception Curriculum pdf

PP1 Curriculum pdf

PP2 Curriculum pdf

PP3 Curriculum pdf