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Dark laughter from Spain
Sixth Form Spanish students visited the Cervantes Theatre in London to watch a black farce about the Franco era. The Spanish department reports.
Q: When are Three Heads better than One?
A: When it's for charity: as the winners of a 25th Anniversary auction bid last June, three young Harrodians spent a day last week as joint Heads of
Whizzes on Wheels
Prep Harrodians took part in a Cycling Proficiency course and a number of whole-school initiatives are encouraging more sustainable modes of travel.
Building and Learning
Some of our Pre-Prep pupils attended architecture workshops this week and had the opportunity to learn through building.
Fixture Feats
Our Prep football teams are making the most of playing in matches and our PP3s will have their first fixture experience too.
Oedipus: a Complex Classic
Sophocles' Oedipus Rex continues to fascinate and horrify us almost 2500 years after its first performance. The 15s' atmospheric, 'gender-blind'
Maths Club: A Passion for Numbers
Mathematicians of all abilities are encouraged to take part in regional/national challenges, like the Hans Woyda competition which started this week.
A Great Show
It was showtime at the Harrodian last Saturday with an outdoor screening of the Greatest Showman as part of the Barnes Film Festival
Scientists of the Future
Aspiring scientists in our Lower Prep are being challenged this term with competitions and hands-on learning.
London's Burning, London's Burning!
This week our PP2 (Year 2) pupils attended an interactive workshop about the Great Fire of London in 1666.