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Theatre blog: Exam season
It's exam performance time both for A Level and GCSE Drama students.Read more
Pre-Prep Blog: Keep on dancing!
During this cold and icy term, Pre-Prep have been spending many of their Sports lessons in the dance studio or in the Theatre. Read more...Read more
Author: chloe
Prep Blog: Beyond the Boundaries
Jenny O'Neill explains how Prep Pupils' recent extracurricular activities help to energise their classworkRead more
Pastorally speaking: our most important subject?
Societal pressures on young people from social media to sex are bringing Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) from the fringes to the heart of the curriculum. Andy Woodward explains how PSHE helps children navigate difficult choices and maintain well-being...Read more
Pre-Prep Blog: Top of the Tables
Recent media coverage has reinforced the importance of times tables. Our Pre-Prep teachers are one step ahead in motivating their pupils to learn them.Read more
Author: Lucy Horan
Excursions in English: inside the Snow Globe
Digby Don and a group of hardy 12s watch Shakespeare defeat the Beast from the East at the Globe TheatreRead more
Author: Digby Don
Pre-Prep Blog: Snow Play
Nobody enjoys playing more in the snow than our Pre Prep children, especially when there's a snow cannon involved. Read more...Read more
Author: Lucy Horan
Excursions in English: Public Speaking Competition
Lower Sixth former, Alexandra was asked to judge the 12s and 13s Public Speaking prize and came away thoroughly impressed ...Read more
Author: Digby Don
Headmaster's Blog: the Hidden Harrodian
Headmaster James Hooke considers some Harrodian activities that have not always received the recognition they deserve ...Read more
Author: James Hooke
Pre-Prep Blog: In praise of Prefects
Lucy Horan explains how GCSE age Prefects contribute to Pre-Prep learning culture...Read more
Author: Lucy Horan