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Music with Chemistry
Mr Hooke investigates the eclectic strategy – and the chemistry – that has made music a special Harrodian success story
Author: James Hooke
Pre-Prep Blog: It Takes Two
Ms Horan congratulates Reception on a fantastic first term and extolls the virtues of our Reading Buddy scheme - an initiative that pairs them with PP3 pupils for dedicated reading time.
Author: Lucy Horan
Pastoral Blog: They still love you. Honest
It's hard for parents when their teenagers start seeing them as a bore or an embarrassment. But, says Andy Woodward, its vital that they know we’re still there, still available and still loving them
Odd Socks and Backpacks
Odd socks were obligatory throughout the Prep on one November Thursday. In her latest blog, Mrs O'Neill explains why
Essential Art Blog: What's on at the RA
Upper Sixth History of Art student Cecilia reviews the current exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts
Headmaster's blog: On the Up
Flushed with the recent success of school football teams in Spain and Surrey, Mr Hooke examines the upward surge taking place across Harrodian sport
Author: James Hooke
Pre-Prep Blog: Treasuring Maths
Making Mathematics fun is all part of the Pre-Prep approach and Miss Horan is thrilled that a pirate-themed Maths Day re-ignited love for the subject.
Author: Lucy Horan
Essential Art Blog: From Pumpkins to Infinity
Pupils from our 14s provide their different perspectives on the obsessional art of Yayoi Kusama
Essential Art Blog: We're Here Because We're Here
History of Art student Ariana Eisler shares her essay on Jeremy Deller's moving modern memorial to those who fought in the Battle of the Somme.
Essential Art Blog: What's on at the Hayward Gallery
Ms Hannah Kroes and student Miki Fallstrom review recent and current exhibitions at The Hayward Gallery.