We use mathematics in all aspects of our day to day life, whether we are carrying out basic tasks such as checking our change or telling the time, or more challenging tasks such as deciding on a new mortgage or decorating our home.

At Harrodian, our aim goes well beyond ensuring the competence in mathematics that is essential. We want our pupils to really enjoy the subject at school so that as many as possible discover the love for mathematics that inspires them to study it at a higher level when they leave.

We work hard to make our lessons accessible, challenging, relevant and, most of all, engaging. We treat mathematics not as a collection of rules but as an exploration in learning: posing questions, solving real, exciting problems, applying methods, and discovering patterns and relationships.

In the Prep School, we follow a ‘Singapore-style’ curriculum from the 8s to the 10s, which adopts a 'Mastery' approach to the subject. Lessons involve lots of investigatory activities which promote a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind key methods and concepts.

When they reach the 11s and 12s, pupils follow an Edexcel Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work which is designed to prepare them for the new GCSE syllabus and also for the 13+ Common Entrance examinations. Across all year groups, there is a strong emphasis on developing problem solving skills.

For more specific year-by-year information, please refer to the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks


Prep School Head of Mathematics: Sarah Evans (email:

Prep School teachers of Mathematics: Sarah Evans, Sophia Barker (, Layla Chaouki (, Mark Curtis (, Ruth Hitchcock (email:, Catherine Morgan (email:, Rosanna Tremayne (, Joe O'Shea (email:, Warren Rodricks (email: