Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

'Rainbow Friday' expresses Harrodian support for LGBTQ individuals in and beyond our community

Culture of Equality

At Harrodian, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) bring to mind some of our key values: warmth, friendship and community. Our school strives to be a welcoming environment, where staff and pupils can be comfortable being who they are; sharing their stories and contributing their ideas. We hope to inspire all Harrodians to be true to themselves, whilst being motivated to learn from others and to celebrate the rich tapestry that our school provides. 

In terms of equality, Harrodian aims to ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity at school, and that this fosters positive behaviours in our wider society. We believe no one should be treated differently or discriminated against because of their characteristics. We encourage everyone - staff, pupils, parents - to safeguard equality of opportunity, meaning that each individual is given an equal chance to fulfil their potential.  

Through diversity, the school aims to respond positively to variety, valuing and seeing strength in our differences. We foster compassion for those within the school community and beyond, whilst also embracing intellectual curiosity.  

At Harrodian, inclusion is essential for staff and students, irrespective of one’s age, disability, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. Whilst some of these may change in relevance over time, and where staff or pupils are at certain stages of their lives, knowing and understanding them is essential to fostering a positive environment, both within Harrodian and beyond the confines of our school. Hearing all voices and valuing all experiences makes staff, pupils and the wider community a much stronger place.  

EDI Films


The films above and below set out our approach to EDI. In the first, Headmaster Mr Hooke, explains why Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are such important priorities and how our current programme came about. In the second, EDI Co-Ordinator, Mr Rohit Benjamin sets how we are translating EDI principles into teaching and co-curricular activities and explains how teachers and pupils are engaging with this process. 

Express Your Culture Film

In the weeks leading up to Harrodian’s first ever Express your Culture Day in the spring of 2023, we asked a range of Harrodian teachers and pupils and students from 11 to 18 to about what their culture is, how they express it and why it matters to them. The film we made reveals responses which ranged across how food and language reflects our identities to the importance of family, community and friendship to the personal cultures and identities of many of us.  

Our interviewees also chose objects to express their culture ranging from cowboy hats to carnival masks and from bibles to teapots. 

The Equality Act

Harrodian's own approach to EDI is underpinned by the legal framework set out in 2010 in the Equality Act which covers all aspects of school life including how a school treats students, parents, carers, staff and the wider community.

Pupils raised a copy of Chris Ofili's Union Black flag on our flagpole in 2021 as a symbol of our community's commitment to inclusivity

EDI Staff Working Group

The members of Harrodian's Equality Diversity and Inclusion Staff Working Group who are listed below are always on hand to offer support to any students or pupils who want advice or help in relation to EDI questions or who have feedback or suggestions to provide. Harrodian is continuing to develop ideas that highlight, raise consciousness and celebrate EDI within the culture of our community and improve our practices as a school.

Staff Working Group Members: Mr Rohit Benjamin, Mr Thomas Grey-Parkinson, Ms Gabriella Collard, Ms Rosie Evans, Mr Sam Wardell, Mr Andrew Nolan, Ms Manuela Zanotti

To read our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, please see the downloadable file below: 

If any pupil, parents or member of staff wishes to discuss issues or ideas around equality, diversity or inclusivity at Harrodian, they are able to contact the school EDI Committee on EDI@harrodian.com.