Vision and Spirit

Harrodian Values

The school's values of good manners, consideration and respect flow through Harrodian.  One pupil's view that "this is a place where you can 100% be yourself" echoed the view of others.  Parents and carers are highly positive about the school.  They emphasise the quality of pastoral care and support provided by staff.'

Ofsted Report 2022

Educating the whole child

The three age group schools that make up the Harrodian – Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior/Sixth form – are united in sharing a clear and distinctive vision and spirit which is set out below.

  • We value academic excellence highly, as well as hard work and personal achievement.
  • We encourage pupils to think independently and express themselves confidently and creatively in their writing and speech.
  • We employ engaging and dynamic teaching across a wide subject range so that children at every level in the School are inspired to work to the very best of their abilities.
  • We work hard to ensure our pupils become independent learners equipped with the resilience to focus on continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to ‘educating the whole child’ academically, physically, socially, culturally and morally, in and beyond the classroom.
  • Pastoral care policies, carefully tailored to the needs of each age group and caringly implemented by Harrodian staff, are embedded at the heart of our School, underpinning our community.
  • We value and promote richness of racial and ethnic diversity, welcoming and including pupils from all global cultures and groups.
  • We create an accepting and tolerant environment for our pupils, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support and advocacy.
  • We provide a safe haven within which every pupil is valued and respected and can access all facets of school life without fear of harassment.
  • We help Harrodians to grow into thoughtful, healthy and considerate young people who are as confident and well-rounded as they are well-informed.  



Leaders have high expectations for their pupils, including for their behaviour and academic achievement.  Pupils respond to these expectations.  They behave extremely well and achieve highly. 

Ofsted Report 2022


Pupils  are encouraged to participate, to question and to express themselves in an environment that is busy and exceptionally beautiful. Happy pupils, happy parents, happy staff.

Good Schools Guide 2023