Prep French

All pupils in our Prep School study French twice a week and in our 11s and 12s, they also benefit from regular one to one sessions with our French assistants.

Pupils in our 8s and 9s are taught in Forms and the focus is on developing/fostering and nurturing their interest in the subject, developing a good pronunciation and a good ear, learning common words and specific vocabulary related to topics such as animals, family members, the house or leisure activities while developing an awareness of basic grammar rules. Learning activities are varied and may include learning songs, poems, playing games as well as taking part in role plays or doing projects, listening and reading exercises as well as written practice.

In the 10s pupils are still taught in form groups and in the 11s and 12s they are taught in sets based on level and ability.  They have two lessons a week, during which the four main skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are practised regularly and equally but we also aim to develop pupils’ cultural awareness of the countries where the target language is spoken.  Teaching pupils how to use key grammar rules and structures is also important as we want pupils to become independent users of the target language who can communicate effectively in various situations.

Our bilingual French speakers attend a weekly French lesson where French is taught at native speakers’ level.

Prep Pupils also have the opportunity to watch French films and plays performed by international acting groups on School premises. 

For detailed year-by-year information, please see the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks


Head of Modern Foreign Languages: Sandrine Montet

Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages: Beatrice Albert
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