Learning Enrichment

Our Learning Enrichment Department offers a nurturing environment where, at any stage of their schooling, pupils may obtain the extra support they need to help them to work to their individual strengths and to achieve their best. 

Although Harrodian is selective at the Prep School entry point, pupils of average to high academic ability may already have identified specific learning difficulties and we are glad to support their needs in the following ways:

  • offering targeted one-to-one support lessons for Literacy, Mathematics and cross-curricular study skills
  • coordinating and liaising with class teachers and parents
  • setting up individual action plans
  • advice on handwriting
  • advice on educational assessment
  • advice on typing
  • advice on support networks
  • managing exam concessions


Identifying potential students that may need support

Naturally, during their schooling some pupils are identified with possible learning difficulties, health problems and/or emotional or behavioural difficulties. In these cases, our two SENCos (Special Educational Needs Coordinators) work closely with Heads of Year and the parents to initiate a process of assessment and action that will support the pupil.

Assessment usually begins with classroom observation and might include an initial screening and then possibly a referral for further diagnostic assessment.

Support Lessons

Many pupils benefit from one-to-one lessons provided by our team of specialist teachers, who liaise and co-ordinate closely with the pupil's classroom teachers.  These lessons are bespoke and multisensory; they are aimed at giving the pupil the opportunity to revisit the specific foundational Mathematics and Literacy that they have missed when they were younger. Support lessons are also an effective way to assess and monitor a student and, importantly, a very effective way to boost the pupil's self-esteem and open them up to learning.


The testimonials below show how the pupils benefit from support lessons:









For further information on any of the above, please contact: 

Ms Rachel Kimber
Head of Learning Enrichment & SENCo for Upper Prep, Seniors and Sixth Form (Years 7 - Upper Sixth)