Prep Latin

Latin remains an enduring force in the language and culture of western civilisation. Studying it in the Prep School provides pupils with an excellent grounding in the way that language and grammar work, and forms a good platform for both the challenges of learning modern languages and continuing their Latin studies to GCSE.

Pupils are introduced to the language in the 9s when they start to learn some vocabulary and the present tense of Latin verbs as well as studying Roman Britain and Greek and Roman mythology. They build on this language and background foundation in the 10s when studies focus around life and culture in the Roman city of Pompeii. In the 11s and 12, they continue their languages studies through fun use of the Who Said Latin's Dead? books, alongside the history of Pompeii and Greek mythology. 

Throughout these year groups, the emphasis is on engaging and accessible teaching. Pupils use our own class resources as well as having access to the Quizlet website where they are encouraged to learn by competing with each other in games and exercises that test their grasp of language and  vocabulary. We also aim to bring the subject to life through activities and trips. In the 9s, we run a fabulous trip to the National Gallery to look at paintings of Greek and Roman mythology and join the History department on an Autumn Term trip to the ancient Roman city of Verulamium. In the 11s, our pupils are able to head off on a trip to Italy during the Easter holidays which includes key historic Roman sites.

For detailed year-by-year information, please see the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.


Head of Classics: Genevieve Seaton

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