Educational trips and visits provide some of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences for our children and play an important part in supporting the curriculum.


On-site workshops are also a great way to engage children. Interactive presentations on The Great Fire of London, childhood and toys from the past by Wandsworth Toy Museum, and architecture in Viking times are amongst the favourite and tend to be repeated on an annual basis.

Each class in the Pre-Prep will go on at least one school trip per term, unless there are exceptional circumstances. All trips are linked to the relevant topics for each class and are designed to develop the children’s understanding and learning. Please find below examples of past trips:  


Autumn Term

Class Trips

Reception - Theatre

PP1 (Year 1) - Wandsworth Museum

PP2 (Year 2) - Theatre

PP3 (Year 3) - Barnes High Street

Spring Term

Class Trips

Reception - Natural History Museum

PP1 (Year 1) - A local church

PP2 (Year 2) - Florence Nightingale Museum

PP3 (Year 3) - Hampton Court

Summer Term

Class Trips

Reception - London Aquarium / Windsor Castle

PP1 (Year 1) - Kew Gardens

PP2 (Year 2) - Roald Dahl Museum / Painshill Park

PP3 (Year 3) - Lincolnsfield Children's Centre

All of Pre-Prep - Farm trip