Prep Curriculum

Prep school pupils follow a curriculum which evolves as they move through the school to offer a developing range of academic options:

  • 8s and 9s pupils (Years 4 to 5) study a set curriculum which includes Humanities (combining History, Geography and Religious Studies) and Science.
  • 9s (Year 5) pupils are introduced to Latin.
  • 10s (Year 6) continue to study Humanities, now as separate timetabled subjects, and Science.
  • 11s (Year 7) follow our set curriculum for English, Maths, Science, Latin and French and, at this year group stage, start studying History, Geography and Religious Studies as separate subjects.
  • 11s can choose between a Latin route or non-Latin route and between Spanish or Italian. Choosing the non-Latin route allows them to choose four additional subjects, the Latin route two. The choices available are Computing, Sport, Art, Drama and Music.

For more specific information about these subjects and for curriculum details by year group and term, please download the Curriculum Handbooks below. (NB From time to to time, Heads of Department may carry out a curriculum review or staff may leave or join the school.This means that some of the information included in Curriculum Handbooks prepared at the start of the school year may not have been updated.)