Physical Education

If you still consider PE to be a subject that you just do on the playing field then it’s time for a rethink. Studying the subject is not just about improving your own performance, it also involves acquiring the technical knowledge and understanding that allows you to train other people. 

Modern  GCSE and A Level Physical Education courses are increasingly technical in character, requiring students to master principles of physiology, psychology, sociology and biomechanics and to discover exciting new issues including cardiovascular optimisation, plyometrics and high-intensity interval training.

The growing sophistication of Sports Science has widened the career opportunities available to those studying it beyond teaching and coaching. Almost every professional sports club or organisation now employs a number of sport physiologists and psychologists to optimise the performance of players and staff. There are opportunities in community sports development, fitness and leisure industries, sports management, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare, sports and leisure centre management, coaching, lecturing and work with national sports agencies.

Course Introduction

In the 13s we offer a foundation course designed to introduce pupils to Sports Science and to build the foundations for GCSE and A Level study. Topics include basic human anatomy and physiology, fitness testing and methods of training, types of sports injuries (treatment and prevention), sponsorship and media issues in sport, international sporting events, discussion on the use of drugs in sport, event organisation and the development of sports leadership skills.


Pupils study the GCSE course offered by AQA. For full details please see the AQA site or consult the Harrodian GCSE Prospectus.

Course Introduction

This course is perfect for those who have a high level of sports performance across a variety of activities coupled with a passionate interest in the theoretical concepts that contribute to physical activity and effective performance. Topics include:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training
  • Use of data
  • Sports psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences

A Level

Students study the A Level course offered by AQA. For full details please see the AQA site or consult the Harrodian Sixth Form Prospectus.

Course Introduction

The A Level course is highly regarded by universities as a sound indicator of academic ability and sporting prowess. These are two crucial elements in the UCAS selection process. The benefits also include the development of individual sporting performance and the ability to train and improve the performance through applying the principles of physiology, psychology, sociology and biomechanics. The course is particularly valuable for those wishing to take BA QTS or Sports Science for teaching and coaching degrees but also offers many other career possibilities outlined in the introduction above.

Course requirements

GCSE in Physical Education or Biology together with a high degree of practical sports ability as it accounts for 30 per cent of the A Level marks.

For more specific year-by-year information, please refer to our Curriculum Handbooks/Information Booklets

Extracurricular activities and fixture opportunities

Our extensive extracurricular program includes before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs which offer greater breadth of activity and longer participation time. The main sports have training clubs available to pupils developing their skills and to those who are already representing school teams. Other on-site activities include karate, fencing and Sports Leadership. We are also able to recommend a number of other local sporting clubs and organisations for off-site sports such as golf and squash. For more information please download our Club Links list below.  A full calendar of competitive fixtures is also available to view on our own dedicated sports website. In addition to this, we also regularly organise sports tours for teams taking part in our main representative sports.  

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Head of Sport and PE: Ben Proudfoot 

Head of A level PE: Alastair Lydon 

Head of GCSE PE: Tim Seaton

Other Teachers of PE and Sport Science: please select the relevant department on the dropdown menu to view our full staff list by clicking here.