PSHE, Citizenship & RSE

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PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Citizenship and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) are all parts of the Prep School curriculum. They are subjects that are timetabled as form periods and also delivered as part of weekly year-group and Prep assemblies.  

In this designated time, pupils are encouraged to take part in discussion and to develop their skills of communication and participation whilst also showing empathy and respect to others. Some of the topics covered include friendships/relationships, choices, diversity, rules, rights and responsibilities, people who help us, changes, setting objectives and going for goals.

PSHE, Citizenship and RSE aim to help our children lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to be responsible and positive members of the community. Putting this into practice involves organising activities and rewards for the children that help boost their confidence and promote active citizenship. Examples of these are:

  • A strong House system with a busy calendar of competitions and activities. 
  • Merit certificates for good behaviour, attitude and effort, as well as class work and/or homework.
  • Weekly assemblies either as a class, year group or Prep School. Non-academic certificates, as well as academic ones, are awarded during these assemblies and at the end of each term.
  • Trips such as the Junior Citizen course at Holly Lodge, Richmond Park for our 10s (Year 6) and a workshop with local magistrates to learn about being safe in the wider community. 
  • Charity fundraising activities such as cake sales, Mufti days, collections, sponsored activities and involvement in local community events.
  • A range of talks delivered by specialist teachers or external speakers are organised for both pupils and/or parents. They help address wider issues like personal safety (Local Police), cycling safely (, E-safety (Richmond Council), an introduction to puberty, and parenting advice
  • A careers fair where pupils can learn about a wide variety of jobs and the opportunities open to them after leaving school/university.