Mathematics and Further Mathematics

It’s hard to overstate the importance of mathematics to modern life. Cutting edge mathematics continue to drive progress and underpin revolutions in sectors across engineering, science, medicine, communication and business. Proficiency in mathematics provides young people with a key to open more doors across the careers spectrum than any other subject.

At Harrodian we believe every child can be good at mathematics. Our priorities are to bring the subject alive, to grow the confidence of our pupils through our teaching, and to ensure that they all work to the best of their ability.  We treat the subject not as a collection of rules but as an exploration in learning: posing questions, solving real problems and discovering patterns and relationships.

Enthusiasm for Mathematics is high at Harrodian. This is reflected in strong GCSE results. Mathematics and Further Mathematics continue to be the most popular choices at A Level, amongst Harrodian sixth form students, instilling practical and problem solving skills that equip them for progress in almost any field of future studies.



Harrodian pupils study the Edexcel GCSE course. For full details of the course and its assessment, please see the EDEXCEL website or the Harrodian GCSE Prospectus.

Course Introduction

GCSE level Mathematics is a key basic requirement for entry into many careers.  Taught over two years, the course requires pupils to learn to formulate and apply numerical and abstract concepts and to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills in number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistics.

Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics is a free standing qualification studied alongside GCSE Mathematics in Years 10 and 11 in the top sets. For full details of the course and its assessment, please see the OCR website.  

This qualification is designed to both consolidate the material learned at grades 8 and 9 of the GCSE course and to extend candidates with an introduction to the mathematics studied in the A Level GCE modules. As such, it treads heavily upon the toes of the first year A level syllabus and is excellent preparation for the rigours of any maths-rich course studied in the sixth form. It is graded A - E.

A Level Mathematics

Harrodian students study the EDEXCEL A Level course. For full details of the course and its assessment, please see the EDEXCEL website or the Harrodian Sixth Form Prospectus.

The A Level course builds on the foundations of the GCSE course. Taught over two years, it is examined in three papers, two devoted to pure mathematics and the other to statistics and mechanics

Entry requirements

Students are expected to have achieved a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics

Harrodian students study the Edexcel A Level course. For full details of the course and its assessment, please see the EDEXCEL website or the Harrodian Sixth Form Prospectus.

Further Mathematics is a challenging qualification which extends and deepens knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A Level Mathematics work. It helps students to achieve their best possible grades, and to learn mathematics that are valuable for any mathematically-rich degree such as Physics. Some prestigious university courses require students to have a Further Mathematics A Level while others may adjust their grade requirements favourably for students with a Further Mathematics qualification.

For more specific year-by-year information, please refer to our Curriculum Handbooks/Information Booklets


Pupils take part in the UKMT Primary, Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Challenges, the Hans Woyda Team Challenge and the FMSP Mathematics Feast. The School’s mathematics teams are put through their paces each week by Mr. Lee and Mrs. Willder in the lunchtime Maths Challenge Club.


Head of Mathematics: Anthony Lee

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