Literacy (English)

Literacy is taught at every stage of the Pre-Prep curriculum.

Literacy aims to instil all our Pre-Prep pupils with a love of reading and writing. We encourage our children to develop curious and enquiring minds through a broad, creative and wide-ranging curriculum and to absorb a rich variety of language, expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively through all media - stories, poetry, drama, action songs and non-fiction.

The subject is taught with a strong focus on phonic knowledge and comprehension. Pupils are encouraged to read and write at their own pace, ask questions, engage in discussion and refine their skills of listening, responding and demonstrating understanding.

Annual events like Literacy Week and World Book Day, combined with termly drama and reading workshops, and author talks, support the curriculum and make learning even more interactive.

By their final year in the Pre-Prep, pupils have become enthusiastic and discerning readers who are also able to express themselves by writing neatly, fluently and independently.