Prep Religious Studies

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about and evaluate a wide range of religious and philosophical ideas in the Prep School. In the 8-9s, they study Hinduism, Judaism and the Roman Gods as part of their Humanities course. (For information please see the separate Humanities entry). Religious Studies is taught as a discrete subject from the 10s year group up when pupils get their first taste of Philosophy, exploring questions such as ‘Can a God exist?’ and ‘What is “real”?’. This philosophical approach to religion is developed through a study of Sikhism and Islam.

In the 11s and 12s, pupils follow a course that links broadly to the Common Entrance course but they do not take a Common Entrance exam for RS.  This allows for greater creativity and flexibility in the classroom, as pupils study key events and concepts from both Jewish and Christian traditions.

For full details of year by year RS studies in the Prep, please download the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.


Head of Religious Studies: Mary Sanders

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