Prep Religious Studies

From the 10s upwards, Religious Studies is taught as a discrete subject.

The theme in the 10s is ‘The Role of God’. Pupils explore how Christianity and Islam understand what it is to be in relationship with God.  They then consider what it means to be spiritual, whether this requires a God and how spirituality can be expressed in art.

In the 11s pupils examine what it means to have a ‘worldview’. They then explore how different Christians view Jesus, how Sikhs value equality and service and finally how beliefs about death and the afterlife impact our lives.

In the 12s pupils investigate the role of religion in the world. They look at secular ethics and how morality can function without religion. They consider different Christian understandings of salvation and the impact these views have had on believers and the world. Finally, they question the role of religion in race relations and peace and conflict.

For full details of year by year RS studies in the Prep, please download the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.


Head of Religious Studies: Mary Sanders

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