Music & Drama

Music and Drama are taught at every stage of the Pre-Prep curriculum.

Everyone has a unique relationship with music and we provide a large array of opportunities for developing individual interests. We believe all children can enjoy singing, listening, composing and playing instruments and we encourage all our pupils to develop a love for music and confidence both in creating and performing it.

Drama plays an important part in self-expression and is incorporated into music lessons, with a particular focus on acting out lyrics As well as twice-weekly class Music lessons throughout the Pre-Prep, there is a large and popular choir, and weekly assembly singing. Pupils in PP3 (Year 3) have whole class recorder lessons too. 

One-on-one instrumental or voice tuition with a peripatetic teacher is available from PP2 (Year 2) onwards. Our Pre-Prep children have the opportunity to perform in a recital and concert every term and are also able to take part in a special choir festival with the Merlin School making music with other children for different audiences.     





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Children get the chance to perform both theatrically and musically in termly assemblies and Christmas dance shows. PP3 pupils (Year 3) also take part in a special end of year summer show before they move into the Prep School.

For more information about extra-curricular Music and one-to-one instrumental/vocal lessons