Art, Design and Technology

Our aim in the Pre-Prep is to encourage artistic development in all our children. Pupils have dedicated art lessons in which they can express themselves using media such as paint, textiles, clay, drawing, sewing and collage. In these sessions, they develop their drawing, painting and sculpture skills and learn techniques of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.

Children are taught specific art skills and how to use art equipment appropriately. When possible, art is treated as a cross-curricular activity linking different class projects and drawing inspiration from areas of learning such as Literacy, History, Geography, the natural landscape, architecture and different cultures. 

In Design and Technology, children have use of a wide range of tools, equipment and materials to design purposeful, functional and appealing structures and mechanisms. They learn to generate, model and communicate their ideas, to carry out self-assessment and to suggest ways of improving or adapting their work.

Visits to art galleries, including an annual tour around the Harrodian Senior Art Exhibition, motivate the children while events such as Art Week provide them with opportunities to enhance and develop their skills and interests through first-hand experience from visiting artists.