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The Junior Library is a calm and welcoming haven that fosters a love of reading. Librarians encourage, challenge and inspire children to develop their reading by supporting and nurturing reading habits. Children are individually guided to books that allow them to become enthusiastic readers in a supportive environment. Our collection is interesting and up-to-date, with a mixture of stimulating contemporary and classic fiction that promotes and motivates children to become readers for life.

General Information
Opening hours 8am - 4pm
Open before school, during morning break and lunchtime for reading, homework and quiet board games.
Year 2 to Year 9 (6-13 year olds) use the Library for one period each week as part of the English curriculum.

The Collection
There are approximately 11,000 fiction and non-fiction books, audio-books and DVDs in the Junior Library, of which 70% of stock is fiction. Suggestions for new books are welcomed and new books are displayed separately before being assimilated into the library. We also have e-book readers with hundreds of stories available for use within the library.  

Regular Activities

Word of the Day
A new word is selected every day from books in the library. Children are encouraged to look up the meaning in a dictionary.

A staff member animatedly reads a story to Prep pupils each Thursday break time during the Autumn and Spring Terms.

Buddy Reading
Senior pupils are paired with selected Prep pupils to provide support and monitor their progress each week. This system provides benefits for both the child as well as the seniors involved.

Book Clubs
A lunchtime activity held each Thursday. Open to Year 4 – 7. Pupils read a wide range of stories, participate in active discussions and write book reviews.

Annual Events

Christmas Book Fair
Usually held in late November. A large selection of children's books is for sale. The proceeds go towards the purchase of new resources for the library.

Book Swap
World Book Day event, on the first Thursday in March. Proceeds are donated to improve literacy in poor communities overseas.

Dads' Reading Morning
Period 1, one morning in June. Two fathers from each class volunteer to read selected short stories or extracts to the children. A very popular event.

Author and Poet Visits
Popular children's authors/poets occasionally visit the school to inspire the children to read and extend their writing skills. Some recent visiting authors include Melvin Burgess, Piers Torday and Frank Gardner.

A Night at the Library
A Friday evening in June, filled with fun activities and hot choclate for the whole of Year 4 (8 year olds). Not to be missed.

Second-hand bookstall at the Summer Fair
A Saturday near the end of the school year. Large range of donated fiction (children and adults) available at bargain prices for everyone's summer reading enjoyment.


Mrs Brenda Powell
Mrs Celia Guthrie 

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