Computing is taught at every stage of the Pre-Prep curriculum

At Harrodian, all children from Reception to PP3 (Year 3) have the opportunity to work in a purpose-built, networked ICT suite where we use standard Microsoft applications as well as age-appropriate software to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. They also have access to video, digital cameras, sound recorders and CD players and are taught how to use remote control toys and programmable robots like Bee-bots. In PP3 (Year 3) each class has a computer and access to an Interactive Whiteboard with audio-visual facilities enabling the whole class to use applications, websites, video, radio and CD resources.

Our Pre-Prep children are encouraged to use computers adventurously and to explore so they can learn new skills and gain confidence in the field.  Computing is often used to complement other areas of the curriculum in imaginative, exciting ways such as creating interactive ‘E-story’ books with sound and animation. There is also a class set of iPods which provide easy access for our youngest children to the computing curriculum as well as portable technology for our PP2s and 3s.

Specific computing units include: editing digital images and video, designing and writing programs, playing logic games to develop logical reasoning, producing digital music, organising, storing and recording data and analysing results, using algorithms, writing and debugging simple programs, coding, and exploring multimedia such as graphics, music and paint within a document. E-Safety is at the core of all learning opportunities, ensuring that the children always use the technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.