Computing is taught at every stage of the Pre-Prep curriculum. From Reception to PP2 (Year 2) iPads are used in the classrooms. This allows flexibility to incorporate Computing skills with other areas of the curriculum, like Art and Science, and use the tablets in conjunction with other tools, such as programmable Bee-bots”. The built-in cameras and intuitive editing applications facilitate exciting multimedia projects such as building an “e-book” and making animations. The pupils have access to headphones for listening to tutorials and recording sound.

From PP3 (Year 3) Computing lessons take place in the purpose-built, networked ICT suite where each pupil will use an Apple iMac. We use a range of software, from Microsoft Office to specialized, subscription-only software applications to support teaching and learning in every area of the curriculum. For example, Discovery Education and PurpleMash have coding resources with planned progression through each age group.

Laying the foundations of logical thinking, programming and debugging skills starts from Reception and develops throughout the Pre-Prep and into the next sections of the school. Pupils will learn that they can create the applications and the content of tomorrow’s world.

Throughout there is a focus on Online Safety: developing responsible, careful and kind use of technology to protect themselves and others from online harms and risks which may jeopardise their personal information, lead to unsafe communications or affect their mental health.

Staff:  Daisy MacKay, Teacher of Pre-prep Computing