PSHE, Citizenship & RSE in the Prep School

PSHRE (Personal, Social, Health, Relationship & Sex Education) is part of the Prep School curriculum. The subject is timetabled weekly in the Lower Prep and bi-weekly in the Upper Prep. It is also delivered during form periods and as part of weekly year-group and Prep assemblies. 

In this designated time, pupils are encouraged to take part in discussion and to develop their skills of communication and participation whilst showing empathy and respect to others. 

To access detailed information about the PSHRE syllabus and the schemes of work for each year group from the 8s (Year 4) up to and including our 12s (Year 8), please open and read the downloads below. 

PSHRE aims to help our children lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to be responsible and positive members of the community. Putting this into practice involves organising activities and rewards for the children which help to boost their confidence and promote active citizenship. Examples of these activities can be found on our Pastoral Care section of the website of by clicking here.


Lower Prep School PSHRE Co-ordinator: Annabelle Morrow (maternity leave), James Almond (cover)

Upper Prep School PSHRE Co-ordinator: Emma Gregorie