Prep History

History is taught as a discrete subject from the 10s year group up. (For information on history teaching in the 8s and 9s please see the separate Humanities entry). Topics are taught chronologically in the Prep School. The 10s look at Medieval England and they begin to develop essay writing and learn how to use sources as evidence. 

The 11s and 12s look at the Tudors and Stuarts, Early Modern England and Victorian Britain. This enables them to understand how England and Britain developed politically, economically and socially. Their critical and writing skills are developed further, and they are taught to use sources critically to form their own opinions. Assessments are designed to develop critical thinking skills that will help them at GCSE level and beyond.

For full details of year by year History studies in the Prep, please download the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.

Extracurricular and trips

There are a number of trips throughout the Prep School including visits to the British Museum, the Neasden Temple, Verulamium in St Albans, the Thames River workshop, and Wimbledon Synagogue. The 10s participate in a Medieval workshop at school, during which they dress up and take part in a game based on medieval life.


Head of History: Andrew Nowell

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