Harrodian Senior & Sixth Form

Welcome to the Seniors and Sixth Form 


Academic excellence is a core goal at the Harrodian but not at the expense of diversity. We are committed to enabling students to realise their maximum potential whatever direction their inclinations and talents may take them in.

The Senior and Sixth Form is a stimulating, dynamic and nurturing learning environment for pupils aged 13-18 with all the qualities required to make good this promise.

Our teaching expertise extends all the way from ‘creative’ subjects such as 3-D Design and Media Studies to the rigours of Philosophy and our most popular A Level choice, Mathematics. 


Senior and Sixth Form

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Rob Stewart and Alison Heller
Captain Rob Stewart, Head of Harrodian Senior School and
Alison Heller, Head of the Sixth Form




Senior & Sixth Form News

14th September
Harrodian's new and outgoing Sixth Formers celebrated academic and sporting and all-round success at a prize-giving evening led by songwriter and Harrodian parent Joey Larsson
6th September
Lower-Sixth Formers kicked off Harrodian's September teambuilding sessions with their traditional annual trip to the Thames Young Mariners Centre in