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The Senior and 6th Form is a stimulating, dynamic and nurturing learning environment for pupils aged 13-18. Our teaching expertise extends all the way from ‘creative’ subjects such as 3-D Design and Media Studies to the rigours of Philosophy and our most popular A Level choice, Mathematics. As well as conveying the depth of knowledge and the passion that inspire students, our specialist teachers are also experienced in imparting the know-how, confidence and independent learning skills that candidates need to perform at their best at GCSE and A Level.

Educating the whole child is a strong principle in the Senior/Sixth Form as it is throughout Harrodian. We have developed support structures tailored to the very specific needs of both Senior and Sixth Form age groups that develop life skills including resilience and self-awareness. Meanwhile, our pastoral programmes promote positive values such as empathy, tolerance and respect for the aspirations of others.

Academic achievement is high at GCSE and A Level. Just as important, our students can learn how to grow in a warm and happy place in which individual success is always celebrated in a generous and close-knit spirit of community.

The outstanding sixth form ensures that pupils build on firm foundations so they can make well-informed, individual choices about future education and employment.

Ofsted Report, 2018


Senior and Sixth Form

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