Prep Science

036_Harrodian_Oct%2021.jpgUpper Prep – 11s - 12s

In the Upper Prep Science is taught as one subject although the curriculum is divided between the three main branches of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils are encouraged to further develop important skills that will allow them to independently follow the scientific process as they move on to their GCSE studies and beyond.

The skills that form this foundation focus on Observation, Communication, Classification, Measurement, Inference and Prediction. These basic skills are integrated together when scientists design and carry out experiments or in everyday investigations of the world we live in. All the six basic skills are important individually as well as when they are integrated together.

At Harrodian, we strive to make our lessons as practical and exciting as possible to ensure that our pupils are enthused about Science. All pupils are taught in a laboratory where they get the opportunity to work on their individual skills, as well as working in groups, while completing various experiments. During the 11s, our pupils also get the opportunity to take part in the annual Science Fair by planning, conducting and presenting their own investigation.

For detailed information on the topics that are covered in Upper Prep, please refer to the Curriculum Handbooks for the 11s and 12s.


Lower Prep – 8s - 10s

The key to delivering Science in the Lower Prep is to develop each child’s sense of curiosity as curiosity inspires independent thinking and learning. Each year group studies a range of topics pertinent to their age. Lessons are designed to be practical so that the children can independently develop their investigative skills.

The teaching focuses on different parts of a scientific investigation: questioning, responding to questions, generating ideas, planning, predicting, carrying out a fair test, recording and checking results, explaining and presenting. The curriculum also helps the children to understand the scientific aspects of the world in which they live.

The children are able to make use of the school grounds as well as the local area to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding. Outside visitors are welcomed, to inspire the children.  The 8s - 10s also take part in the Prep School Science Week where they are encouraged to investigate their own specific area of interest in science.

For detailed information on the topics that are covered  in Lower Prep please refer to the Curriculum Handbooks for the 8s, 9s and 10s.


Head of Science: Taryn Oldacre 

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