Pastoral Team

The Harrodian pupil or parent's first port of call should ideally be the Form Tutor, and we take care to assemble a caring and engaged tutor team. Beyond that, there are experienced and accessible Heads of Year, pastoral heads in the Senior School and Sixth Form, an on-site nurse and counsellor and a team of trained Mindfulness practitioners, running courses available to all. Please see the list below for our pastoral team's contact details:

School Counsellor

Our School Counsellor, Adele Monsef, can be contacted directly by pupils in the 11s (Year 7) upwards at /

Senior Pastoral Team

Form Tutors
13MHO Marcus Howard(
13RTR Rosie Tremayne (

Team Tutor: Manuela Zanotti

14BDA Bryn Davies (
14ODU Odile Duquesnoy (

Team Tutor: Ela Carpenter

15RBE Rohit Benjamin (
15REV Rosie Evans (

13SSU Sam Sugarman (
13LKU Lucy Kutrolli (


14SBE  Sarah Bennett (
14LWH  Luke Whelan (


15PMI Pippa Mitchell (
15PDE Paul Dettman (
15TGP Tom Grey-Parkinson (

Heads of Year
13s Bryn McNaught (
14s Guy Holder - maternity cover - (
15s Martha Kinsella (

Pastoral Lead for Senior School
Andy Woodward, Deputy Head of Senior School (

Pastoral Lead for Sixth Form
Alison Heller, Deputy Head of Sixth Form (

Our Harrodian Community
The whole Harrodian community has a part to play in pastoral provision. Pupils feel safe and valued knowing their subject teachers care for them, know them, are approachable and apply school rules and values fairly. To read our pastoral blog written by Andy Woodward, Deputy Head of the Senior School, please click here.