Prep Humanities (for 8s and 9s)

Instead of studying History, Geography and Religious Studies separately, Lower Prep pupils in the 8s and 9s study Humanities, an integrated course that brings the three disciplines together, as one exciting cross-curricular subject.

Pupils study topics which focus on the geography, history, and religion of the Classical World, from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Hinduism in India in the 8s, to the Romans, Judaism, (with a study of the river Thames together with mapping skills) in the 9s. Comparisons and links are made with the modern day.

Taught with creativity and enthusiasm, the approach allows us to explore important topics and to introduce skills relevant in a wider curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive and to develop their own opinions about the past, as well as developing proficiency in areas such as chronology, comprehension and essay writing that develops a basic argument.

Learning is supported with a range of trips and workshops to enhance and develop a pupil's understanding and bring the learning experience to life. When circumstances allow for it, children in the 8s also experience their first residential trip, spending two days and a night at Ufton Court in Reading. There they develop their knowledge of life in Ancient Greece, by practising ancient skills such as building wattled walls, milking, carding and spinning wool and churning butter. They also practise events from the ancient Olympic Games and make their own bows and arrows. 

For full details of year by year Humanities in the Prep, please download the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.


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