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Headmaster's Blog: Reasons to be Cheerful
Are you or your young ones suffering from a bad case of Back to School Blues? Mr Hooke prescribes eight doses of Harrodian good news which will soon have you feeling hale and hearty again
Author: James Hooke
Maths Mastery Blog: How Can I Help?
How can you help your child with her homework without causing confusion or an argument. Warren Rodricks offers his four rules for frustration-free Maths home studies
Pastorally Speaking: Questions of Substance
Telling teenagers to ‘Just say No’ to drugs won't work. Grown-up and caring discussion of hard facts about illegal substances and the brutal trade in them is much more likely to deter, argues Andy Woodward
Headmaster's Blog: Prepare for Take-Off
With university and college application season in full swing, Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian prepares eixth formers for their destiny-shaping UCAS decisions.
Author: James Hooke
Maths Mastery: Same-Same...but Different
The beauty of Maths Mastery, argues Mr Rodricks, is that it is flexible enough to strike a crucial balance between the broad requirements of the curriculum and the individual needs of each child.
Pre-Prep Blog: First-class Post
Just before the Chrismas rush, Ms Horan delivers a First-class post on the variety of activities Pre-Prep have been undertaking in the second half of term.
Author: Lucy Horan
Prep Blog: Meet the Pharaohs
Jenny O'Neill provides an update on recent Prep activities including the 8s introduction to ancient Egypt.
Pastorally Speaking: Boys will be Boys?
Why does the classroom performance of UK boys seem to be in decline and what can we do about it? Andy Woodward has some suggestions to make.
Politics Blog: Learning MUNISH
15s pupil and delegation Ambassador Freddie writes his own account of a school trip to the Model United Nations International School.
Author: chloe
Essential Art Blog: Gardens of Glass
A Level History of Art students visited Kew Gardens to see Dale Chihuly's dazzling blown glass flowers and plants
Author: Hannah Kroes