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Pre-Prep Blog: Scientists in the making
Ms Horan celebrates Science Day as a chance to inspire our next generation of scientists.
Author: Lucy Horan
Sports Blog: Learning to be leaders
In the first of our new sports blogs we look at how 15s and Sixth Formers are learning to lead by running sports sessions for young Harrodians
Pastorally Speaking: Nobody's Perfect
There's no point in pretending we're perfect parents, says Andy Woodward. If we admit our weaknesses, children are more likely to listen our advice
Head's Blog: the Gift that keeps on Giving
An extended visit to the pub reminds Mr Hooke of the galvanising impact that our Youth Philanthropy Initiative has had on sharpening Harrodians’ charity appetites and skills
Author: James Hooke
Pre-Prep Blog: We Are Family
Ms Horan highlights the benefits to pupils of being part of a large school 'family'
Author: Lucy Horan
Pre-Prep Blog: Bringing Literacy to Life
Lucy Horan explains how Literacy Week brings reading and writing to life, making it great fun for all.
Author: Lucy Horan
A Twenties Twelfth Night
English teacher, Digby Don finds overtones of both The Great Gatsby and Casablanca in Harrodian's daring period setting of Twelfth Night
Author: Digby Don
Pastorally Speaking: Let's Talk about Sex
It's sometimes a difficult subject for parents to broach, admits Andy Woodward, but we must grasp the nettle and talk about sex to our children
Essential Art Blog: Courtauld Impressionists
History of Art teacher Hannah Kroes took her Sixth Formers to the Courtauld Impressionists exhibition at the National Gallery. Here are their impressions
Dressing to impress
Goal setting and independent learning are top of Jenny O'Neill's Spring Term pastoral agenda... along with plenty of dressing up and having fun on the way