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Prep Blog: Summertime, and the Living is Easier
Head of Lower Prep, Clair Foster, is thrilled both by the return of prep pupils to school and by their renewed delight in playing and working together
Author: Clair Foster
Maths Mastery Blog: Number Crunching
How do you use Maths to change perceptions of the world's most unfairly persecuted fish, the shark. Warren Rodricks explains how he won over the 10s.
English Blog: A Return to the Stage
The door to Scrooge’s Counting House was cast open, much to the delight of the 13s and small number of staff members able to watch too. Mr Don reviews 'A Christmas Carol'.
Author: Digby Don
Pastorally Speaking: Welcome to our World
In a world that's dangerously broken and insular, Harrodian's brand of tolerant and open-minded internationalism provides a beacon of optimism, argues Andy Woodward
Maths Mastery: The Power of Anchors
Anchor tasks are key to ensuring that pupils of all abilities are engaged and inspired by Maths lessons. Warren Rodricks, explains why they work so well
Pre-Prep Blog: Counting our Blessings
Miss Horan is delighted by Pre-Prep Mathematics Day and grateful to her staff and pupils for their efforts in making the event just as much fun this year as always.
Author: Lucy Horan
Prep Blog: Positive Thinking
In her first Blog, new Head of Lower Prep, Clair Foster explains how talking honestly about pandemic fears and worries has helped bring the Prep community even closer. Plus a special sporting achievement
Author: Clair Foster
Essential Art Blog: A Meeting of Minds
History of Art student, Dasha, shares her award-winning essay about a painting by artist and member of the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell. Reviewing the portrait, she finds a pair of like-minded individuals who share a deep connection, contrary to the opinion of many art critics of the time who often branded them elitist individuals.
Author: Hannah Kroes
Pastorally Speaking: Facing the Risk
The Earth in 2020 may seem a rather risky place to live, admits Andy Woodward, but the best way forward is to face down our fears and to keep on going
Pre-Prep Blog: Finding their Feet
With many changes at school, Ms Horan is proud of her pupils and staff for having found their feet so quickly. From online assemblies to dress-up days, the start of term has already been action-packed.
Author: Lucy Horan