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Parentally Speaking: Boys will be Boys?
Why does the classroom performance of UK boys seem to be in decline and what can we do about it? Andy Woodward has some suggestions to make
Politics Blog: Learning MUNISH
15s pupil and delegation Ambassador Freddie writes his own account of a school trip to the Model United Nations International School.
Author: chloe
Essential Art Blog: Gardens of Glass
A Level History of Art students visited Kew Gardens to see Dale Chihuly's dazzling blown glass flowers and plants
Author: Hannah Kroes
Pre-Prep Blog: Nature's Bounty
Harvest Festival always marks a moment of autumnal celebration in the Pre-Prep, says Miss Horan
Author: Lucy Horan
Maths Mastery: The Problem with Problems
In his latest blog, Warren Rodricks explains how eleven cups of tea changed the way he thinks about mathematical ‘word problems’
Essential Art Blog: Drawn from Life
From September to February, every term time on Thursdays, at 5 pm, Harrodian’s 15 Lower Sixth art students gather in the Senior Art studio, get out...
Author: Roz Edenbrow
Essential Art Blog: Something for Everyone
Harrodian Sixth Formers studying Art, Art History and Design thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the Frieze Art Fair
Head's Blog: Spreading the Word
It's taken a while, says the headmaster, but Harrodian now has the communication tools and skills needed to tell to the world why it's special
Author: James Hooke
Pre-Prep Blog: Busy Bees
As we approach half-term, Ms Horan is impressed with how busy the Pre-Prep children have been and proud of how much they have achieved in just five weeks.
Author: Lucy Horan
English Blog: Shadows and Tall Trees
Rosalie, a pupil in the 12s, explains why she was gripped by the recent dramatisation of William Goldings's Lord of the Flies in the school theatre
Author: Digby Don