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From New Neon to New Maths
In the first installment of his new Blog, Mr Rodricks, Head of Junior Prep Mathematics, explains the meaning of Maths Mastery and his fondness for neon colours
A Royal Visit
Lower Sixth Art Students visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on their last trip of the year
Team Time
It's team-building time in the 8s and the 10s with the former helping PP3s transition into Prep and the 10s building a new spirit of togetherness with their Bushcraft trip to the country.
Head's Blog: Satellite of Love
The R&D group's prizewinning performance in designing and launching a mini satellite reveals the value and the fun cross-curricular teamwork. Mr Hooke reports
Author: James Hooke
Pastorally Speaking: How's your Head?
Why do we still find it hard to own up to even minor struggles with mental health? Andy Woodward argues that schools urgently need to normalise the subject and promote emotional literacy
Pre-Prep Blog: A Feast for the Senses
The first week back for Pre-Prep has been filled with inspirational art and music.
Author: Lucy Horan
Prep Blog: Spring into Summer
Jenny O'Neill reports on exciting Prep Easter trips and Harrodian visitors and flags up the fun and the hard work the Summer Term will bring The...
Head's blog: Where Harrodians Come From
A new survey reveals that Harrodian pupils have roots in no fewer than 90 different countries. Mr Hooke reflects on how Harrodian became a United Nations amongst schools
Author: James Hooke
Essential Art Blog: At the Royal Academy
Sixth Form Art Students visited the RA and saw contrasting shows of modern sculpture, video installation and Michelangelo drawings with a little ice cream painting on the side
Author: Hannah Kroes
Pre-Prep Blog: Artists in the making
In the lead up to Art week next term, Ms Horan awards artistic talent in the Pre-Prep.
Author: Lucy Horan