Maths Mastery: Maths for All and All for Maths
Head of Lower Prep Mathematics, Warren Rodricks reflects on the triumph that was Harrodian’s Primary Maths Day
Essential Art Blog: Art for All Ages
Whether it’s trips to exhibitions and galleries, visits to the school by practising artists or diverse challenges and competitions, Art Department...
Author: Hannah Kroes
Maths Mastery Blog: All in the Numbers
In his first Maths Mastery blog of the year, Warren Rodricks explains why understanding and analysing numbers is crucial both to children's futures...
Prep Blog: Out and About
Clair Foster, Head of Lower Prep, is pleased that trips, enrichment and fun are back on the Harrodian Prep timetable
Author: Clair Foster
Prep Blog: Summertime, and the Living is Easier
Head of Lower Prep, Clair Foster, is thrilled both by the return of prep pupils to school and by their renewed delight in playing and working together
Author: Clair Foster
Maths Mastery Blog: Number Crunching
How do you use Maths to change perceptions of the world's most unfairly persecuted fish, the shark. Warren Rodricks explains how he won over the 10s.
Prep Blog: Positive Thinking
In her first Blog, new Head of Lower Prep, Clair Foster explains how talking honestly about pandemic fears and worries has helped bring the Prep community even closer. Plus a special sporting achievement
Author: Clair Foster
Maths Mastery: It's Good to Talk
World Book Day reminds Mr Rodricks that Mathematics is a universal language hat children need to learn to speak in daily life if they are to become fluent.
Prep Blog: New Year, New You
Jenny O'Neill explains why January is the perfect moment for calm reflection and plan making in the Prep
Maths Mastery Blog: How Can I Help?
How can you help your child with her homework without causing confusion or an argument. Warren Rodricks offers his four rules for frustration-free Maths home studies