Senior and Sixth Form

Head's Blog: Better for Everyone
New filmed interviews with Mr Hooke and Rohit Benjamin our Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, explain why Harrodian's new (EDI) programme matters so much, as the Head explains
Author: James Hooke
Essential Art Blog: Art for All Ages
Whether it’s trips to exhibitions and galleries, visits to the school by practising artists or diverse challenges and competitions, Art Department...
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: A Meeting of Minds
History of Art student, Dasha, shares her award-winning essay about a painting by artist and member of the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell. Reviewing the portrait, she finds a pair of like-minded individuals who share a deep connection, contrary to the opinion of many art critics of the time who often branded them elitist individuals.
Author: Hannah Kroes
Pastorally Speaking: Facing the Risk
The Earth in 2020 may seem a rather risky place to live, admits Andy Woodward, but the best way forward is to face down our fears and to keep on going
Headmaster's Blog: All in the Mind
What is behind the surge that has seen applications to Harrodian's A-Level Psychology course increase by 70 per cent? In his latest blog, Mr Hooke considers how and why the subject has come of age
Author: James Hooke
Excursions in English: Macbeth at the Globe
What did GCSE students make of their authentic Shakespearean experience of Macbeth at the Globe theatre. We asked three of them.
Author: Digby Don
Pastorally Speaking: Do you have Integrity?
In this ‘Bonus Extra’ blog, Andy Woodward confesses his love of 'holding forth' in assembly and shares the big question he asked Senior pupils to ask themselves in half-term assembly late last year
Essential Art Blog: More than Skin Deep
History of Art students enjoyed the beauty of the ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisters’ exhibition but wondered if the curators could have dug deeper into the way these influential women were portrayed
Author: Hannah Kroes
Pastorally Speaking: Questions of Substance
Telling teenagers to ‘Just say No’ to drugs won't work. Grown-up and caring discussion of hard facts about illegal substances and the brutal trade in them is much more likely to deter, argues Andy Woodward
Headmaster's Blog: Prepare for Take-Off
With university and college application season in full swing, Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian prepares eixth formers for their destiny-shaping UCAS decisions.
Author: James Hooke