Pastorally Speaking

Pastorally Speaking: Aiming for Happy
How do we get Harrodian pupils to look forward with optimism, to look back with satisfaction and to feel content, asks Andy Woodward
Pastorally Speaking: Worst-Case Scenario
The return of 'real' exams this year has sparked high anxiety among GCSE and A Level candidates. Don't panic, says Andy Woodward, exams may not be fun...
Pastorally Speaking: The Value of (Neuro)-diversity
Our society has tended to treat neurodiversity like a failing. So what can we do to change the narrative? asks Andy Woodward
Pastorally Speaking: Everybody Hurts... sometimes
Teenagedom has always been coupled with emotional volatility, says Andy Woodward, Deputy Head of Senior School. We need to recognise that tears can be...
Teenage Rebellion
It often comes as a sudden shock to parents but teenage rebellion is a healthy part of growing up. Andy Woodward examines the causes and provides some management advice
Pastorally Speaking: A Question of Respect
What can we do to ensure that the sort of harmful sexual behaviour recently called out on the Everyone's Invited website is eradicated from schools? Andy Woodward explains the steps Harrodian is taking to tackle the issue
Pastorally Speaking: Welcome to our World
In a world that's dangerously broken and insular, Harrodian's brand of tolerant and open-minded internationalism provides a beacon of optimism, argues Andy Woodward
Pastorally Speaking: Facing the Risk
The Earth in 2020 may seem a rather risky place to live, admits Andy Woodward, but the best way forward is to face down our fears and to keep on going
Pastorally Speaking: Learning from Lockdown
Amid the sadness and turmoil of the Covid19 crisis, Deputy Head of the Senior School Andy Woodward finds some reasons to be cheerful
Pastorally Speaking: Do you have Integrity?
In this ‘Bonus Extra’ blog, Andy Woodward confesses his love of 'holding forth' in assembly and shares the big question he asked Senior pupils to ask themselves in half-term assembly late last year