Pastorally Speaking

Pastorally Speaking: They are what they eat
Head of Senior School Andy Woodward reminds us why eating breakfast is so important, especially for our teenagers.
Pastorally Speaking: Sharing is Caring
Should teachers share difficult aspects of their own life experience with children? Head of Senior School, Andy Woodward believes such honesty has many potential benefits.
Pastorally Speaking: If Not Us, Then Who?
Mr Woodward's pastoral blog has a guest contributor this week, as Mr Guy Holder states the case for delaying the age at which we give smartphones to our children.
Author: Guy Holder
Pastorally Speaking: Let's Talk about Sex (again)!
How can parents normalise talking about sex to their children? Andy Woodward suggests ways of starting a conversation and explains what Harrodian is...
Pastorally Speaking: Compassion: the Pillar of a Society that Cares
Compassion means taking a conscious decision to educate ourselves about others' experiences and feelings. And that is an important step we want to help our pupils to try and take, argues Andy Woodward.
Pastorally Speaking: What would Queen Victoria do?
Unfashionable as Victorian morality may be, Andy Woodward wonders if the era's educationalists do still have something to teach us about building...
Pastorally Speaking: Listening isn't always Agreeing
It's great that children today are more willing than ever before to tell their parents what they think and feel and that parents are happy to listen...
Pastorally Speaking: Are We Bad At Resting?
Andy Woodward reflects on the importance of self-care and why it is essential our students, particularly those sitting examinations, rest and take helpful breaks from revision.
Pastorally Speaking: Aiming for Happy
How do we get Harrodian pupils to look forward with optimism, to look back with satisfaction and to feel content, asks Andy Woodward
Pastorally Speaking: Worst-Case Scenario
The return of 'real' exams this year has sparked high anxiety among GCSE and A Level candidates. Don't panic, says Andy Woodward, exams may not be fun...