Headmaster's Blog

Head's blog: Where Harrodians Come From
A new survey reveals that Harrodian pupils have roots in no fewer than 90 different countries. Mr Hooke reflects on how Harrodian became a United Nations amongst schools
Head's Blog: the Gift that keeps on Giving
An extended visit to the pub reminds Mr Hooke of the galvanising impact that our Youth Philanthropy Initiative has had on sharpening Harrodians’ charity appetites and skills
Author: James Hooke
Head's blog: Pleasure with a purpose
Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian ensures its Christmas trips and sporting tours are as educational as they are enjoyable
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: Music with Chemistry
Mr Hooke investigates the eclectic strategy – and the chemistry – that has made music a special Harrodian success story
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: On the Up
Flushed with the recent success of school football teams in Spain and Surrey, Mr Hooke examines the upward surge taking place across Harrodian sport
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: Good Listeners
New pupil representatives have just taken their place on Harrodian's Prep and Senior School Councils. In his latest blog, the Headmaster explains why they matter so much
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: Refitting the ship
The summer isn't a holiday for everyone. Mr Hooke reveals the nitty-gritty details of the Good Ship Harrodian's rapid annual refit. Read more...
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: A Day in my Life
One prize lot in our 25th anniversary charity auction was the chance to spend a day as Harrodian Head. Headmaster, James Hooke explains why he values daily life so highly
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: Girls, are we there yet?
How is Harrodian meeting the needs of the girls who make up half its community? Headmaster James Hooke asked Harrodian women for their views...
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: the Hidden Harrodian
Headmaster James Hooke considers some Harrodian activities that have not always received the recognition they deserve ...
Author: James Hooke