Headmaster's Blog

Head's Blog: In Full Flow
Headmaster James Hooke reflects on one of the busiest weeks in Harrodian's summer calendar. The Harrodian staff meeting I lead in the dining room...
Head's Blog: Better for Everyone
New filmed interviews with Mr Hooke and Rohit Benjamin our Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, explain why Harrodian's new (EDI) programme matters so much, as the Head explains
Author: James Hooke
Head's Blog: This Year's Model
More and more Harrodians are engaging with the big issues that face the World by joining our Model United Nations Club. Mr Hooke applauds their determination to get involved and have their say
Head's Blog: Reclaiming our Mojo
Sifting through a new set of photographs of Harrodians at work and play, Mr Hooke is delighted by the sense of optimism and renewal that they reveal...
Author: James Hooke
Head's Blog: Holding the Fort
Mr Hooke is one of a handful of staff still working on the school site. In this Q&A, the Head tells us how he's adjusted to lockdown and how tech is keeping him in touch
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: All in the Mind
What is behind the surge that has seen applications to Harrodian's A-Level Psychology course increase by 70 per cent? In his latest blog, Mr Hooke considers how and why the subject has come of age
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: Prepare for Take-Off
With university and college application season in full swing, Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian prepares eixth formers for their destiny-shaping UCAS decisions.
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: Spreading the Word
It's taken a while, says the Headmaster, but Harrodian now has the communication tools and skills needed to tell to the world why it's special
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's Blog: Satellite of Love
The R&D group's prizewinning performance in designing and launching a mini satellite reveals the value and the fun cross-curricular teamwork. Mr Hooke reports
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: Where Harrodians Come From
A new survey reveals that Harrodian pupils have roots in no fewer than 90 different countries. Mr Hooke reflects on how Harrodian became a United Nations amongst schools
Author: James Hooke