Prep Computing

Working with technology comes as second nature to many young people who have grown up in a world in which digital devices and web-based technologies are ubiquitous, but the jobs of tomorrow will require employees and entrepreneurs with the mindset and know-how to create technology as well as to use it intuitively.

Harrodian teaching is built around the three strands that define the Computing curriculum throughout Key Stages 1, 2 and 3: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. In the Prep School we lay the foundations for pupils to get to grips with Computing by developing their understanding of how computers work and how they follow precise instructions to achieve specific goals. Pupils have a chance to design, write and debug programs and they learn to use technology safely and respectfully.

All pupils study Computing through to the end of the 12s (Year 8), by which stage they will have had a chance to code in various languages, including Scratch, Logo, HTML and Python, to address challenges that range from creating works of art to building a ‘chatbot’ with apparent artificial intelligence!

For detailed year by year curriculum information, please refer to the Curriculum Handbooks.


The Head of Department is a big fan of stop-motion animation and the lunchtime Stop-Motion Animation Club is one of the highlights of the Prep School lunchtime activities schedule. Other Computing activities offered have included: Looping Videos Club, iPhoneography Club and Code Club with Bit:Bot programmable cars.


  • James Almond, Teacher of Prep Computing
  • Janek Saller, Teacher of Prep Computing
  • James Gledhill, Head of Computing and Online Safeguarding Co-ordinator