Clubs & Activities

Clubs, activities and pastimes, some of them subject and curriculum-related, others intended for the purposes of health, relaxation, pleasure or entertainment begin before school, continue when the lunch break starts at 1.00 and pick up again when the daily Senior timetable ends at 4.00pm. 

So long is the list of clubs and activities available for Senior students to get involved over the course of a week, that by the Summer Term 2017 it had grown to no less than eight pages. But demand is high among students.

_EVW7888FF.jpgSport, Drama and performance, Art and Music naturally all have a major part to play in the activities on offer. For example, options for creative minded Seniors in 2017 include Ceramics, Treehouse Design, Dance, Poetry and Fashion Accessories. Musically minded ones could choose from Ukelele, Music Technology, the Saxophone Ensemble and the Senior Chamber Choir. Sporting types had Rounders, Cricket, Athletics, Running and Touch Rugby.

Popular activities when students reach the Sixth Form include the Debating Society, Model United Nations and the Student Lecture Society.