Clubs & Activities

_EVW8755F.jpgOur Harrodian Prep School provides over 60 clubs and activities every week, that take place either before, during or after school. Pupils are encouraged to join any that they are interested in and to explore other opportunities.

A lunchtime 1hr and 15 minutes long allows pupils time to eat a nutritious meal and to take part in activities of their choice. Pupils are invited to take on a minimum of three clubs a week. As well as regular sport, dance, music, drama and art clubs, we offer specialised activities including knitting, sewing, poetry, triathlon training, philosophy, creative writing, karate, gardening on our allotment, building Lego, examining minerals and fossils, debating, fencing, chess, improvisation, stop-motion animation, coding, making mosaics and fashion accessories. Our own staff lead most activities, with a few organised and run by external suppliers.