Classics: Latin and Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation is the perfect choice of subject for students with enquiring minds, broad skills and an interest in knowing how the spirit of western civilisation emerged and flourished. It is a unique cross-disciplinary subject, offering many subjects rolled into one.

Focusing on the ancient Graeco-Roman world, we examine the roots and the evolution of classical culture through wide-ranging courses embracing philosophy, literature, history and archaeology.

As well as fostering a deeper understanding of the world we live in today, Classical Civilisation gives students analytical skills and thoughtful perspectives on life that are thoroughly contemporary and applicable to the modern working environment. The working destinations of classicists are as broad as the subject matter they have studied, ranging across business, banking, civil service, law, journalism, media and academia.


Pupils study the OCR GCSE course. For full details please see the OCR Website or the Harrodian School GCSE prospectus.

Course Introduction

GCSE provides a varied and diverse course exploring the Bronze Age Mycenaean world through Homer’s epic The Odyssey. An investigation into the cosmological outlook of the classical world is achieved through a thematic study of myth and religion across Greece and Rome. It asks pupils to analyse these varied sources and to present their ideas and arguments about them in a structured and persuasive way. It forms a strong basis for A Level study in History of Art, English, History, Latin as well as Classical Civilisation.

Course requirements

We welcome all pupils with an interest in Greek and Roman culture and history to our GCSE course.

A Level

Students study the OCR A Level course. For full details refer to the OCR website or the Harrodian Sixth Form Prospectus.

Course introduction

The engaging A Level curriculum presupposes no prior knowledge and can be taken up for the first time in the Sixth Form. A Level Classical Civilisation challenges students to apply analytical and critical skills across a fascinating range of cultural contexts and to consider the influence of classical models on the modern world. Students study the world of the classical hero through study of Homer and Virgil; they consider classical culture and the arts through the lens of tragic and comic drama, and they examine classical beliefs and ideas by looking at a range of sources exploring love and relationships.

Course requirements:

A flair for literature and history.

For more specific year-by-year information, please refer to our Curriculum Handbooks/Information Booklets.


The school organises an annual Harrodian Classics Conference for students studying either Latin or Classical Civilisation at A Level. A number of prestigious speakers are invited to talk and many other schools are invited to attend. It is a really fascinating and engaging experience and offers an opportunity for students to gain a real insight into university life. We also attend a number of lecture days run by Sovereign Education.


Head of Classical Civilisation: Genevieve Seaton

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