Headmaster's blog: Women have their Say
With the school's 30th Anniversary looming, Mr Hooke asked some of our senior female students and teachers to reflect on how good Harrodian is at educating girls.
Author: James Hooke
Head's Blog: Better for Everyone
New filmed interviews with Mr Hooke and Rohit Benjamin our Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, explain why Harrodian's new (EDI) programme matters so much, as the Head explains
Author: James Hooke
Legally Blonde Review: Blonde Highlights
A review of Legally Blonde, by English Teacher Digby Don and links to galleries of photos taken by Daisy Mackay.
Author: Digby Don
Sports Blog: Net Gains
Alex Fletcher, Harrodian’s newly appointed Head of Netball, has been delighted with the way that the school’s netballers have bounced back this autumn and excited
Author: Clair Foster
Pastorally Speaking: Welcome to our World
In a world that's dangerously broken and insular, Harrodian's brand of tolerant and open-minded internationalism provides a beacon of optimism, argues Andy Woodward
Prep Blog: Positive Thinking
In her first Blog, new Head of Lower Prep, Clair Foster explains how talking honestly about pandemic fears and worries has helped bring the Prep community even closer. Plus a special sporting achievement
Author: Clair Foster
Headmaster's Blog: Prepare for Take-Off
With university and college application season in full swing, Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian prepares eixth formers for their destiny-shaping UCAS decisions.
Author: James Hooke
Pastorally Speaking: Nobody's Perfect
There's no point in pretending we're perfect parents, says Andy Woodward. If we admit our weaknesses, children are more likely to listen our advice
Headmaster's blog: Pleasure with a purpose
Mr Hooke explains how Harrodian ensures its Christmas trips and sporting tours are as educational as they are enjoyable
Author: James Hooke
Headmaster's blog: On the Up
Flushed with the recent success of school football teams in Spain and Surrey, Mr Hooke examines the upward surge taking place across Harrodian sport
Author: James Hooke