Essential Art Blog

Essential Art Blog: A Meeting of Minds
History of Art student, Dasha, shares her award-winning essay about a painting by artist and member of the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell. Reviewing the portrait, she finds a pair of like-minded individuals who share a deep connection, contrary to the opinion of many art critics of the time who often branded them elitist individuals.
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: More than Skin Deep
History of Art students enjoyed the beauty of the ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisters’ exhibition but wondered if the curators could have dug deeper into the way these influential women were portrayed
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: Gardens of Glass
A Level History of Art students visited Kew Gardens to see Dale Chihuly's dazzling blown glass flowers and plants
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: Drawn from Life
From September to February, every term time on Thursdays, at 5 pm, Harrodian’s 15 Lower Sixth art students gather in the Senior Art studio, get out...
Author: Roz Edenbrow
Essential Art Blog: Something for Everyone
Harrodian Sixth Formers studying Art, Art History and Design thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the Frieze Art Fair
Author: Hannah Kroes
A Royal Visit
Lower Sixth Art Students visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on their last trip of the year
Essential Art Blog: At the Royal Academy
Sixth Form Art Students visited the RA and saw contrasting shows of modern sculpture, video installation and Michelangelo drawings with a little ice cream painting on the side
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: From Leighton to the Orient
Sixth Form History of Art students have been engrossed in 19th Century art and architecture in recent weeks thanks to visits to the Leighton House...
Author: Hannah Kroes
Essential Art Blog: Courtauld Impressionists
History of Art teacher Hannah Kroes took her Sixth Formers to the Courtauld Impressionists exhibition at the National Gallery. Here are their impressions
Essential Art Blog: What's on at the RA
Upper Sixth History of Art student Cecilia reviews the current exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts