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Pastorally Speaking: The Value of (Neuro)-diversity
Our society has tended to treat neurodiversity like a failing. So what can we do to change the narrative? asks Andy Woodward
Prep Sports Blog: Proud to be Purple
Ms Hazel Lovegrove Head of Prep Sport reflects on a highly promising Hockey Season for Harrodian Prep We've had a busy hockey season with girls in the...
Essential Art: Courtauld Classics
Harrodian’s Art History A Level students were captivated by their trip to the Courtauld collection earlier this month.
March Highlights
March has been a hugely encouraging month for Harrodian teams on all sporting fronts.
Head's Blog: This Year's Model
More and more Harrodians are engaging with the big issues that face the World by joining our Model United Nations Club. Mr Hooke applauds their determination to get involved and have their say
Pastorally Speaking: Everybody Hurts... sometimes
Teenagedom has always been coupled with emotional volatility, says Andy Woodward, Deputy Head of Senior School. We need to recognise that tears can be...
Legally Blonde Review: Blonde Highlights
A review of Legally Blonde, by English Teacher Digby Don and links to galleries of photos taken by Daisy Mackay.
Author: Digby Don
Essential Art Blog: Christmas Gallery Tour
Join our Art History Sixth Formers on their whistle-stop pre-Christmas gallery tour and read their reviews of the best current London exhibitions
Sports Blog: Net Gains
Alex Fletcher, Harrodian’s newly appointed Head of Netball, has been delighted with the way that the school’s netballers have bounced back this autumn and excited
Author: Clair Foster
Head's Blog: Reclaiming our Mojo
Sifting through a new set of photographs of Harrodians at work and play, Mr Hooke is delighted by the sense of optimism and renewal that they reveal...
Author: James Hooke