Parents' Association (HSPA)

The Harrodian School's Parents' Association (HSPA) is a voluntary parents' body which is committed to the following aims:

  • To develop and sustain a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between parents and the School.

  • To support the Headmaster and senior members of staff, at specific school events, when required.

  • To help maintain the founding ethos, principles and culture of the School.
  • To provide feedback and advice to school management on educational as well as pastoral issues.
  • To help enrich the children’s social and educational experience at the School by providing funds for projects and materials that would otherwise be beyond the remit or resources of the School.
  • To engage in activities that help support the local community as well as other charities and good causes.
  • To provide all areas of support to the Events Committee.

From left to right above: Gill, Rachael and Sonya 

The HSPA is an invaluable link between parents and the School and holds termly meetings with the Headmaster as well as termly meetings with the class co-ordinators.

Class Coordinators

Each form in the School is encouraged to have at least one Class Coordinator. Parents are asked to volunteer for this role at the start of each academic year and responsibilities include:

  • Acting as a social contact for new and existing parents.
  • Distributing Parents’ Association communications to parents.
  • Using '' to put parents in contact with one another.
  • Feeding back any issues or queries from parents at the termly class co-ordinators meeting.
  • Providing support to the Events Committee through co-ordinating volunteer parents for the HSPA fund raising events, such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs.

Charities and Good Causes

The HSPA has raised considerable sums of money over the years for school-based projects, as well as for local, national and overseas charities and good causes. It has also assisted in the launch of a new Harrodian Bursary Programme

Over the past twenty years, the HSPA has contributed over £250,000 to a range of nominated charities; larger fund raising gala events have also contributed to a total overall charitable donation of £750,000.

In addition, it has helped fund school projects amounting to in excess of £150,000.

Parent Digital Communication Platforms

As well as providing communications via the class co-ordinators, the HSPA also uses three external digital communication platforms:
1. Classlist:
2. School Notices:

All of the above platforms are free to use and provide a secure opt-in online noticeboard for parents, encouraging inter-parent marketing.

Harrodian benefits from 25% of any business advertising revenue raised from members of School Notices. 


The Current HSPA Committee (photographed above)

  • Mrs Sonya Salmon    Parent Co-ordinator and Secretary
  • Mrs Gill Priest           Treasurer
  • Mrs Rachael Snaith   Event Co-ordinator

The Current Events Committee

  • Rachael Snaith
  • Sonya Salmon
  • Gill Priest
  • Amanda Murphy
  • Emma Hughes
  • Leigh Jenkins
  • Lisa MacDougall
  • Lucy Peasley
  • Nicola Green
  • Sian Pietrangeli-Jiryes
  • Sherry McCrystal
  • Kathryn Ling-Walduck
  • Jacey Topham