Art with a Smile

Posted on: 07/05/2020

Harrodian Prep Art Teacher Mr Scott is lifting the spirits of his 8s, 11s and 12s pupils with playful projects and themes that explore art's capacity to entertain and amuse. 

Our 8s (Year 4) have been using Miro's work as their inspiration to make imaginative, colourful and fun models either out of clay or paper. Tasked with being playful and resourceful, only using materials available to them, this was an art project that our 8s were bound to enjoy. 

Here are some examples of the 8s (Year 4) creations:



Meanwhile our 11s (Year 7), stuffed their jumpers to make Pullover Sculptures based on Erwin Wurm's 1992 collection. The project asked them to think about how seriously they take themselves, how seriously they take others and how seriously they expect others to take them.

Here is a glimpse at some of the pullover sculptures created by our 11s pupils:



Our 12s (Year 8) pupils were introduced to Swiss artist and stand-up comedian Ursus Wehrli through his TED talk and they have since been working on their own versions of his 'Tidying Up Art.' Wehrli is well known for his books in which he tidies up works of art, claiming to bring a bit of clarity into our lives just where it makes no sense at all! He does this by rearranging famous works of art, sweeping all unwanted things out of the way and lining everything up in neat rows. The 12s have aimed to reflect their understanding of ideas concerning concepts of ‘order, disorder, structure and organisation’ through their own pieces.  

Here are a few of 12s pupils' 'tidied up' pieces of art:




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Watch this space for more artwork from our 9s and 10s (Years 5 and 6), coming soon!