A Wonderful Day for a Moondance
What is Ms Gent up to with that class of 9s on the field. Is she playing an elaborate game of Ring a Roses?
Chatting and Batting
On 1st September, our intake of 36 new 11s (Year 7) joined Harrodian's old hands for a getting-to-know you morning session of chatting and cricket
The Graduates
Teachers across the school have been rewarding the pupils' resilience and hard work with special ceremonies this week.
Hair-raising kindness
In the last report of its kind for this academic year, we feature a few more Harrodians who have been inspired to acts of kindness and charity.
Up and Running
After the welcome return to school for certain children over three weeks ago, Harrodian has been delighted to open its gates to more pupils this week
House of Fun
Don't forget your beloved house, Prep pupils, just because you're at home! Stay connected to Bridge, Thames, Lonsdale and Ferry and your friends by
The Beauty around Us
Prep pupils have been using everyday objects - both from outside and inside the home - to create frottage collages and natural sculptures.
Art with a Smile
Harrodian Prep Art Teacher Mr Scott is lifting his pupils' spirits with playful projects that explore art's capacity to entertain and amuse.
One Minute Wonders
Mr Scott has challenged his 11s pupils (Year 7) to creating a one-minute sculpture by having some fun with their families...
Science for Life
Harrodian Science Week brings real life excitement and engagement to all pupils studying the subjects at every level