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Posted on: 07/02/2020

Sixth Former Audrey was one of the band of Graphic Design students on last week's trip to the University of Brighton. She describes it as 'a great insight into life at a creatively inclined university'.'


Ms Edenbrow (Art and Graphic Design), an alumnus of the University of Brighton, was able to customise a very bespoke trip for her Sixth Form students where they attended a series of workshops, seminars and lectures, alongside current BA Honours students reading Graphic Design. The trip allowed students to hear from industry figures within Design, as well as an opportunity to get a taste for university life and feel what it is like to be in the studio as well as the lecture hall.


​​​​​​"It was brilliant to see inside all the different studios - the book-binding room and the screen printing studio for example and to see the different styles in which artists work - the hectic artist's studio versus the minimalism of a designer's space," Audrey enthuses. 



Ms Edenbrow also compèred a panel discussion with designers and artists, focussing on the transition from art school to employment. The panelists ranged from traditional portrait artists, to photographers, illustrators, graphic or textile designers. Their approach to finding work after leaving university was varied, as Audrey explains,

"Some of them decided to cold-call/email for speculative jobs, whilst others used connections and word of mouth recommendations. But they all agreed that being part of a creative community at university is so important. Establishing links and a support network really helps because it can feel quite lonely at times making your way into an artistic profession." 

[All the artists]...agreed that being part of a creative community at university is so important. Establishing links and a support network really helps....

Audrey, Lower Sixth Former


For more information about the artists involved in the panel discussion, please see their website links below:

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