Hopes and Dreams

Posted on: 06/07/2023

PP3 show

Ms Horan's PP3 Review, the last Pre-Prep production of the year and her final run as director before she retires at the end of term, involved pupils taking to the stage to talk and sing about their hopes and dreams for the future.

The children enacted a pretend school reunion set in 2045 where they acted out the jobs and professions that they aspire to acquiring in the future. Some of these roles ranged from footballers, artists, scientists to explorers, show jumpers, Olympians and even the world's strongest man.


pp3 review

The live show also featured some pre-recorded videos of children dressed up and playing their old teachers too. Of course Mr Hooke, played by Arthur, had to make an appearance!

For a gallery of photos taken by Ms Daisy Mackay

pp3 review

Much to the delight of the audience, a group of children aspiring to be future rock stars performed a jazzed up version of Learning's Ladder!

pp3 review

With lyrics written by Ms Horan and music composed by Ms Sampson, the PP3 review was yet another triumph!

pp3 review

Ms Horan enjoyed watching it from her new director's chair - a parting gift from her Pre-Pre team, below.

director's chairdirector;s chair 2