Me and my Bro

Posted on: 11/09/2020


Over the summer Sixth Former Poppy painted a  viviid, hyper-realistic portrait of Her twin brother, James

Sixth Former Poppy made good use of her summer by creating a striking, large scale painting of twin brother James as part of her A Level Art study of identity and masculinity.  I am not sure James realised he was going to be the focus of my project, but COVID meant I was limited in choice and he thought the final outcome was ok,’ Poppy explains.


'Ok' is  rather underselling  Poppy's vivid and lifelike 1 x 1.5 metre portrait iof her twin. Executed in oils on canvas the painting was based on sketches made and photographs taken in the garden,  as Poppy puts it, ‘to save James the bother of sitting for hours which he wouldn’t have enjoyed’.  ‘ I used tight brush strokes to capture a a hyper-realistic depiction of my brother,’ she says. ‘It’s evident in the acute details such as the lifted lip capturing the moment he is about to smile.’