Pony Power

Posted on: 17/09/2019

Horse%20eats%20map%20DofE%20Gold%20smaller.jpgHarrodian’s gold Duke of Edinburgh contenders enjoyed a special encounter with wild ponies on their qualifying expedition in July

The four-strong group of Sixth formers – Freddie, Ellie, Lucy and Helena – were a day into their qualifying expedition in Snowdonia when they came across a herd of beautiful, wild ponies in a field: ‘These beautiful horses just trotted up to us and started nibbling at our bags and maps,’ recalls Helena who took the pictures. ‘We made friends for 20 minutes and then they followed as we walked on.’


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Gold_qualifying_ponies_group.jpgAccording to Helena the encounter was the highlight of a memorable four night expedition which included two nights of wild camping in the mountains. ‘One of the nights was wonderful,’ Helena recalls. ‘We fell asleep beside a stream to the sound of running water.’ The second night of wild camping proved less peaceful and comfortable thanks to the arrival of heavy rain but the tight-knit team battled through. ‘I didn’t know Lucy and Freddie because they joined Harrodian in the Sixth Form,’ explains Helena who now has the full set of DofE awards under her belt. ‘But sharing the experience of the Brecon Beacons practice run with them and with Ellie in the Spring and then completing the qualifying expedition in Snowdonia brought us all together.’