Sport goes Live!

Posted on: 01/05/2020

Screen%20Shot%202020-05-01%20at%2014.47.47.pngOur PE department is engaging with pupils across different activities and age groups and pupils can now take part in live lessons

'Live' sports lessons have been launched from our 10s pupils (Year 6) and up, with the first sessions for our 8s and 9s pupils (Year 4/5) starting next week. Using 'Google Meet', PE teachers have been able to lead sessions, providing interaction, giving demonstrations of correct technique, and offering feedback to pupils.

Prep pupils have been practising their cricket skills in live lessons by working on co-ordination and ball-throwing skills. To further support the development of these skills, pupils are able to access a range of video challenges, recorded by their sports teachers and stored in the relevant Google Classrooms. 

Ms Mitchell and Ms McNaught shared these video challenges with Prep pupils to help them focus on the skills required for cricket: 

"Taking part in these pre-recorded video challenges is completely optional, " says Mr Proudfoot, Head of Sport. "But they are a great tool for maintaining or building up general fitness and for developing sport-specific skills."

Taking part in these pre-recorded video challenges is completely optional but they are a great tool for maintaining or building up general fitness and for developing sport-specific skills.

Ben Proudfoot, Head of Sport

Meanwhile live lessons for our Senior pupils in the 13s/14s (Years 9/10) have included boxing and HITT workouts. Pre-recorded video content has focused on helping pupils to build cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, power and mobility.

Mr Cuff-Burnett shared this HITT workout challenge with Senior pupils to help them in their training:

For those pupils in the 11s (Year 7) upwards who are keen on running and athletics, Mr Seaton has started a club where he tracks their runs and provides a leaderboard for some friendly competition. He has also created a dedicated Harrodian Strava group for those in the Senior School (13s/Year 9 and up). For more information about this running club, please contact Mr Seaton directly.

Meanwhile Ms Dillon has continued to add new external resources to her Pre-Prep Sports website and is working with the PE department to create Sports Google classrooms for all the different year groups from Reception right through to PP3. New video content will be recorded by PE teachers and shared with all Pre-Prep pupils on google classroom, so watch this space!

In the meantime, here is an example of more Pre-Prep content to come. Mr Seaton has videoed a fun trampoline game called 'Aliens and Asteroids' that his six-year-old daughter particularly enjoys:  

Mr Proudfoot and Ms Foster are also continuing to set their own weekly workouts. Following the popularity of their press-up and plank challenges, this week they shared a ski sit challenge:   

Like the rest of his team, Mr Proudfoot has enjoyed hearing about pupils taking part in these challenges and has also been particularly impressed by pupils who have set their own challenges for others to try and beat. 

There has already been such an enthusiastic response to the virtual sports programme. Mr Proudfoot welcomes feedback and is keen to thank his amazing team, in particular Mr Cuff-Burnett and Ms Mitchell for all their energy and efforts conducting live lessons.