Summer Sport: Trophy Time

Posted on: 06/07/2023

Pupils in the Pre-Prep through to the Seniors/Sixth Form have been celebrating success in summer sports and trophies were awarded to overall sporting winners.

At the end of every term, our Sports Department deliver fun and engaging assemblies to celebrate the achievements, efforts and attitude of our Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior pupils in their sports lessons. 

This term's summer assembly focussed on swimming, cricket, tennis, athletics as well as our Sports Days and swimming galas. Many pupils received commendations, medals and colours for their efforts and improvements during the term. Those who were awarded trophies have shown consistent hard work over an extended period of time and are often regarded as role models in their preferred sports. 

Pre-Prep (Reception to PP3)

Allegra R and Max W (PP3) : Shara Dillon Shield

shara dillon award

shara dillon award 2

Lower Prep 8s (Year 4) - 10s (Year 6):

Mia G (10s): Lower Prep Sports Girl of the Year Award

lP sports girl

Alfie W and Matthew J (10s): Lower Prep Sports Boys of the Year Award

sports boys LP

Amaya P 10s: Lower Prep Cricket Girls Trophy

lower prpe circket torphy

James D 10s: Lower Prep Cricket Boys Trophy

lower prep circket tennis

Stephanie S, Michael P and James D (photographed separately below) 10s: Lower Prep Tennis Trophy

LP tennis trophy

LP tennis

Upper Prep 11s - 12s (Year 7/8)

Isla G (12s) - Upper Prep Sports Girl of the Year Award

UP girls trophy

Jack and Jude Humphryes (12s) - Upper Prep Sports Boys of the Year Award

UP boys trophies

Isla G and Freddie M (12s) - Upper Prep Swimming Trophy

UP swimming trophy

Paul P and Daphne B (12s) - Upper Prep Tennis Trophy

UP tennis trophy

Ava M-G and Alexander H (12s) - Upper Prep Athletics Trophy 

uP athletics trophy

Isla G and Seb B (12s) - Upper Prep Cricket Trophy

UP cricket trophy

Astrid T and Charlie D (12s) - Proudfoot Cup

proudfoot cup upper prep

Seniors (Year 9) - Upper Sixth (Year 13)

Georgia, Aidan H and Ella H (14s) - Senior Athletics Trophy

senior trophies

Artemis D (Lower Sixth) - Senior Cricket Trophy

straight Senior criciket

Carla F and Jago W (Lower Sixth) - Senior Tennis Trophy

senior tennis

Ned B (Upper Sixth) - Overall Senior Sports Boy Trophy 

senior sports boy

Romy B-A (Upper Sixth) - Overall Senior Sports Girl Trophy

senior sports girl

senior sport boys and girl