Trophy Time

Posted on: 07/12/2023

At the end of every term, our Sports Department deliver engaging assemblies to celebrate the achievements, efforts and attitude of all our pupils in their sports lessons. 

Our end of Autumn Term assembly always focuses on football and netball. Many pupils received commendations via letters home, most valued / most improved player medals and colours for their performance and potential.

The following trophies were awarded to pupils in the final year of Lower Prep (10s/Year 6), Upper Prep (12s/ Year 8), and Sixth Form (Upper Sixth): 

Lower Prep (10s / Year 6)

Lower Prep Netballer - Kitty
Lower Prep Footballer - George 

sports trophies


Upper Prep (12s / Year 8)

Upper Prep Netballer - Chloe 


Upper Prep Footballer - Raffi 

trophy 2

Codacci-Pisanelli Sportsmanship Award - Luka Lucas 

both trophies

Sixth Form (Upper Sixth)

Senior Netballer - Scarlett 

trophy senior

Senior Footballer - Jordi 

trophy senior boy

Services to Netball (U6) - Evie 

sennior trophy girl

Services to Football (U6)  - Alessandro 

trophy senior boy

group shot